Monday, January 24, 2011

Update on my Top 10 Helium article Earnings, 24 January 2011

Yes, I know, it's been only 11 days since I last reported on my top 10 Helium article earnings, but I'm a bit of a stats freak, so here's the latest on my Helium article earnings:

Well, the top 4 positions didn't change, and those 4 articles have earned me a further $0.17 in the last 11 days. The top one has earned me a further $0.11 of that $0.17, and the other 3 less, but totalling a $0.17 increase for the top 4.

Previous positions 5 and 6 have traded places.

The article that was in position 10 on my top 10 Helium article earnings list 11 days ago is now in position 8, having earned me $0.10 in the last 11 days.

11 days ago, my top 10 Helium article earnings, so far, was sitting at a total of $6.05 (since I first submitted them to Helium.) Although positioning has changed a bit, all of those ten are still my top ten earners on Helium, and are now sitting at a total of $6.40, meaning that those same ten articles have earned me a further $0.35 over the last 11 days.

It may not sound like much, but since I already did the work related to these article prior to first uploading them to Helium, it's nice to say that I earned a further $0.35 over the past 11 days for them. Even while I was sleeping, I was earning.

It's nice to imagine that I already had 1 000 articles on Helium, and although I can't possibly 100% accurately predict future earnings, as it may fluctuate, it's also nice to imagine that 1 000 articles on Helium might earn me $35 every 11 days, even if I added no new articles to Helium.

I have more than these 10 articles on Helium, but am just keeping track here of the top ten, so far. Many of my Helium articles also appear on other sites where they also earn me money.

I can withdraw my Helium earnings into my PayPal account every time my Helium earnings balance reaches $25. I can request my Helium payment to be released to my PayPal account twice per month, if I have at least $25 in my Helium account.

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