Sunday, August 12, 2012

Addicted to Starting New Projects or Addicted to Internet Marketing?

Ot addicted to starting new websites? I can't decide which one I'm addicted to, or if they're all related, and are thus just one thing that I'm addicted to, or if they are all separate things and maybe I'm addicted to them all.

And is the addiction good or bad? Can't decide.

I do know that I get a kick out of owning more than just one or two websites, so that particular addiction is already covered, and dealt with. But then I want to start new projects or websites targetting other topics or related topics to the topics of my sites that are already doing well for me.

And I like to think ahead about how I would be able to link my sites together. I like to think about what my goals are. Effective Internet marketing is the ultimate goal, as more or better Internet marketing earns Tony and I money - in the form of the way we monetize our sites working out for us through more people visiting our sites, or in the form of getting noticed more, so that more people hire us for the freelance services we offer.

For the line of work Tony and I are involved in, earning from monetizing our sites, and earning from getting new clients for our freelance services, starting new projects IS Internet marketing and is ALSO starting new websites.

For the line of work Tony and I are involved in, earning from monetizing our sites, and earning from getting new clients for our freelance services, Internet marketing IS starting new projects and is ALSO starting new websites.

For the line of work Tony and I are involved in, earning from monetizing our sites, and earning from getting new clients for our freelance services, starting new websites IS starting new projects and is ALSO Internet marketing.

So does that say I'm addicted to Internet marketing or starting new projects or starting new websites, or does that just say I'm working hard at making a living?

At the beginning of this month I registered 5 new domains. And once the hosting details arrived so that we could add a free WordPress theme to each URL, I remember saying to Tony: "Oooooh, I got new toys!" (Yeah just like that in a childlike voice and using bad grammar.) Now that does sound like I'm at least addicted to getting my new sites looking like I want them to look, and adding their first bit of content.

I sit back from the screen at various stages throughout their initial creation, and admire them, I admire the look of the sites, I admire the free WordPress theme template I've chosen, I admire the navigation I've created, I admire the size of the font I've chosen, I admire where I've chosen to place my Adsense ads, I enjoy thinking about what images should be created or sourced from our own images to go into the header banner, and then I sit back and admire the results, and every now and then I say to Tony: "Look here; how does this look?" or "Can you please help me edit this; this is what I'd like done..."

Then I sit back and look at the sites and think things don't look so good anymore. Then I tweak and edit some things or everything to get the sites looking even more like I want them to look. And I love the entire process. I get such a kick out of it.

Between the two of us we spent a good few hours choosing a different free WordPress theme template for each of our 5 new sites. It was such fun accepting my decision to try a different free WordPress theme for each of the 5 new sites; I usually use my same favorite free WordPress theme template for all my WordPress-powered sites, just doing a little customization to make them look a little different from each other. We chose more than 5, and then put them through a sort of elimination process, to end up with our 5 favorite.

These are our 5 new sites:

I like my addiction.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Make Money on the Internet Answering Easy Questions

You can make money on the Internet by answering easy questions! Answer easy questions by writing your answers down, and make money!

I discovered a site only less than two months ago, even though it has been around for a while now already. A site on which one can make money by answering easy questions. That site is WebAnswers. Learn more about how WebAnswers works, on the WebAnswers site. Or right here, on this page on this Make Money Use Internet site!

How do you make money on WebAnswers?
You answer questions! There are loads of new questions on WebAnswers every day, as well as loads and loads of older questions too. Each question can have more than one person answering that question, so there is plenty of opportunity for all members of WebAnswers to make money on the site, answering easy questions.

Once you have answered 50 questions, you get invited to apply for an Adsense account, or to link up your Adsense account if you already have an Adsense account.

Then you can earn from your answers on WebAnswers, and also from the first 50 answers you already gave.

When can you NOT earn from your answers on WebAnswers?

When you have not yet answered 50 questions and have not yet connected up your Adsense account;

When somebody else's answer was chosen as the best answer by the person who asked the question

When CAN you earn from your answers on WebAnswers?

Once you have answered 50 questions and have linked up your Adsense account;

When your answer is on the same page as a question asked, even if there are other answers there too, as long as nobody has yet been awarded the best answer award by the person who has asked the question (many questions on the site never have a best answer awarded, so there is plenty of opportunity to earn on WebAnswers, even if you hardly ever get the "best answer" award to a question) Some people (who asked a question) also take as long as a month or more before awarding a best answer, and until that time, all people who answered the question can earn from having answered that question

When your answer is awarded as the best answer to a question

Is it easy?
Well, I think getting an Adsense account through WebAnswers (if you do not yet have an Adsense account) is possibly the easiest method I've so far come across of getting an Adsense account (and then you can use your same Adsense publisher ID on other sites too, or place Adsense ads on your own sites!)

There are some difficult questions to answer on WebAnswers, and if you don't know the answer but would like to answer, you may need to do some Internet research first, but there are plenty of easy questions on WebAnswers, that you can answer just from thinking of your own experiences, or simply answer by giving your opinion.

Is it easy to make money on WebAnswers?
Well, you are not going to make a fortune, but it's a fun, easy and handy way to earn some extra income just for answering easy questions. Do not join WebAnswers if all you are after is the money. There is not a ton of money to be made on WebAnswers, but a reasonable extra income amount could be made if you're the type of person who likes to help others by answering their questions - on a really large variety of topics.

So I answer questions on WebAnswers to make money, but how do I actually earn that money, and get that money?

Google Adsense pays you. Once your earnings reach an amount of $100, or R1 000 if you are South African living in South Africa, then Google Adsense posts you a cheque in the mail. Or pays you via whichever payment method you chose when you first applied for and got your Adsense account.

The money you earn is earned for you  via visitors to the pages on WebAnswers that have one of your answers on them. If those visitors click an advert on the page (so they can go visit the site the advert links to) then you earn a small commission for having helped that advertiser get visitors to his or her site.

Some important warnings:
Google Adsense may reject or deny your Adsense account application if you don't have a lot of content on WebAnswers. Having to first answer 50 questions before you can be invited to apply for an Adsense account, or to link up your existing Adsense account if you already have an Adsense account (have been using Adsense on other sites already) does help, but your answers need to each be reasonably long too, and contain good grammar and spelling.

One or two line answers to the questions on WebAnswers not only doesn't do much to help the person who asked the question, but also doesn't do much for your chances of earning from your answers.

Try aim at writing at least 6 to 8 lines for your answers, preferably more.

Watch your grammar and spelling. You cannot go back and edit answers you have just made until you have received 5 best answer awards. I did not receive my first best answer award until after I'd answered my first 50 questions.

It took me three days to answer 50 questions. Although I spent a lot of time on WebAnswers on the first day, after that I spent and do spend only my spare time there, answering questions.

Never click the ads on the same pages that you have your answers published on - you risk losing your Adsense account and never being able to get it back again. This Adsense rule does not only apply to WebAnswers - when you have an Adsense account, never click the ads on any same page that you have your writing published on.

How much can I earn on WebAnswers?

It's different for everybody, as the amount that you can earn depends on a lot of things, on some things like:

how frequently you visit WebAnswers and answer questions;

how many questions you answer regularly;

the quality and length of your answers;

how much traffic the pages your answers are on receive;

if your answer is not awarded as the best answer to a question, and nobody esle's answer is awarded as the best answer either, eveybody who answered the question shares in the earnings (as well as the owners of the site);

if your answer is awarded as the best answer to a question, then only you and the owners of the site share in the earnings from that page

In the month of June 2012, in my spare time, I helped others by answering their questions on WebAnswers, and I earned about R170 in June for doing that ( about $19 ).

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2012