Monday, January 10, 2011

How many sites do I have about making money online?

Besides this Make Money Use Internet Blogger blog, I also have 2 other sites that have information about making money online.  They are not exclusively about making money online, but also have articles telling you other ways you can work from home, that do not involve computers or the Internet at all - unless of course you want to use the Internet to advertise what it is you do from home!

So, actually, even if your work from home idea is not something you do online, you can still say Make Money Use Internet applies, as advertising your product or services online is a way you make money using the Internet.

The two work from home ideas sites I have that include some information about making money online are Work from Home Ideas and Work at Home Jobs.

Work at Home Jobs is a little older than Work from Home Ideas.  Work at Home Jobs is a WordPress blog I added to my main website 1pic4twenty after I realised that a particular page on 1pic4twenty was getting quite a lot of traffic (visitors.) It is a page that has a long list of work from home ideas, in alphabetical order.

The amount of traffic to my list of work from home ideas page is probably not wonderful by global standards, but it is often the most visited page on my main site, indicating that people are looking for ideas on how they can make money at home.

Well, since Tony and I make money at home, I thought we should try help others how to make money at home too.  We know many people are struggling to find work, or struggling to earn some extra income, and that if they have a computer and Internet connection, they can make money online.

Of course getting more traffic to my site (and now my sites) was also in my mind:  not only could the services Tony and I offer gain more exposure by having these people see our links to more details about our services, but we could also earn some extra income by placing Google Adsense ads on our pages, and affiliate program ads too, if we wanted to.

So, we added Work at Home Jobs to our main site, on the same host server, to save money (instead of getting a new domain and hosting package for it.) Work at Home Jobs is a WordPress blog.  We selected a free theme from over 1 000, and set it up on our main site.

Work at Home Jobs is quite similar to our Work from Home Ideas website, when we're speaking about the content on these sites, except that the content is added in different ways.  If you don't know html coding then it's easier to add content to a WordPress blog than to design a website. Although I'm fairly happy with where I've placed my Google Adsense ads on my Work at Home Jobs site, I wanted a bit more freedom with choosing where I put the ads, and so the Work from Home Ideas site came into being - also because of realising that quite a few people search for "work from home ideas" on the Internet due to the traffic to our page with a list of work from home ideas, on our main site.

Then, after realising that search engines like Google favour (this is South Africa otherwise I would write "favor" instead of "favour"  - South Africans and people from the U.K. use favour instead of favor, but if I'm doing a writing assignement for somebody that lives in the U.S. I would use favor) niche sites that have a lot of content related to the title of the site, I started another site called Make Money Writing Online (which is only about making money writing online, even though it can split further into a section about making passive income from writing online, or making money from freelance writing for clients on freelance job sites or privately.)

So, with this site, that's 4 sites I have about making money online, even though it's only this one and the Make Money Writing Online one that are exlusively about using the Internet to make money online.

I also write articles on writing sites about making money online.

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