Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it quicker to Add Content to a Website or to a Blog?

A website needs coding to make the pages appear on the Internet.  So when you add content to a website you've designed or give your website designer text content to add to your site, some coding work has to be done to make the text appear on the website, on the Internet.

With a blog, if you're fairly sure of your spelling and grammar and don't need to first write offline to use a spellchecker first or a grammar checker, you just write your sentences directly in the "add a new post" part of your blog's dashboard, add a few tags, click publish, and you're done!

Even if your website designer sets up a file editing system to allow you to access certain parts of your website yourself, writing a blog post is still that much quicker when it comes to adding new content to your site.

A content management system, however, if you know what you're doing, can also be as quick as using a blog to get your content "out there" as quick as possible.

Although Tony and I design websites for others and for ourselves, when I suddenly feel like writing a new article, for me, the easiest and quickest is to just add that new article to one of my WordPress blogs or one of my Blogger blogs.  I'm writing this right now, hopefully there are not too many grammar or spelling mistakes (although I can edit this post afterwards if I notice any errors), and once I'm done writing, I'm just going to add a few tags (keywords that are perhaps repeated on this page at least twice), click "publish" and a second later it will be live on the Internet for anybody who visits this site to see! Quick, hey?

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