Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Highest Earning Single Adsense Click Yet!

I've had the odd R16 or R17 Adsense click on some of my sites, and that impressed me, but today I had my highest earning single Adsense click yet.

R63 (currently about $9.43)

Couldn't believe it! That's a huge jump from my previous high Adsense clicks - or what I thought was high!

Gosh, now imagine if I had just ten of these kinds of clicks everyday - that would be about R18 000 per month!

- But my highest Adsense earnings month yet was last month - R1 238 (currently about $185) - an amount I'm still very proud of since it's grown so nicely over the months since I started using Adsense, but, still, imagine R18 000 per month instead (currently about $2 697) - hm! (nice!)

Now, what would help is if I knew what ad was clicked that gave me this amazing R63. It wasn't on a particular page that I monitor in my Adsense account, so I don't even have a clue - it was on HubPages, and I have just added the main HubPages link to my Adsense account to check, and haven't added individual pages like I do with some of my sites.

It does give me more hope regards HubPages, and that I'm pleased about, because prior to this fantastic Adsense click I got today, HubPages has not earned me all that much from Adsense since I joined HubPages 9 months ago and published 37 hubs (articles.) In the past 9 months, prior to this one R63 Adsense click, I had only earned R232 (an average of R25.77 per MONTH) on HubPages.

I have been earning much more from using Adsense on my own sites, but this one click will make me sit up a bit and take more notice of HubPages, and other online writing sites too. Why? I pay for hosting and domain registration for many of my own sites, but to make money from online writing sites, all I need is a computer and Internet connection.

When I say I will take more notice of online writing sites, what do I mean? - I mean that it may be worth my while spending a bit more time on marketing my articles on online writing sites, than I have been.

Also, why do I say it would help if I knew which ad had been clicked (who the advertiser was/where the ad linked to) on HubPages, or, at least, the page on which the ad appeared? - well, if I knew this, I could write more articles targetting that site or keywords used in the ad. (Certain Adwords ads are triggered to appear when certain keywords are used.)

For beginners out there - how did I learn these things about Adsense, keywords, using websites or blogs, and about making money writing on online writing sites? I read a lot of free information all over the Internet. I'm self-taught and it did not happen overnight.

If you'd like to make money, use Internet, but you do have to be prepared to read a lot, and learn a lot, and put in the effort.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2011