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My top 10 Helium article earnings report 13 January 2011

I joined the Helium writing site on 11 September 2010, so that's 4 months and 2 days ago. I was just on the Helium site, and was checking to see if any of my Helium articles had earned $1 yet, in passive income earnings from Helium's ad revenue share, just because my articles are published on the site.

Well, not quite yet.  The highest earning article has earned $0.99 from Helium since it's been published on Helium.  I say "from Helium" because Helium allows its writers to republish articles elsewhere, and even to publish previously published articles too.  In other words my articles on Helium are sometimes also published elsewhere online and earning me money from those sites too.

Articles submitted to Helium's Market Place section, however, cannot be previously published elsewhere, or be published anywhere else later either.

The Helium writing site made changes to their upfront payment system on 6 December 2010, which I'm not too thrilled about and I probably will no longer be using their upfront system for publishing my articles on Helium, but I'm happy to continue using Helium to publish my articles, as I can still earn passive income from them on Helium, in the regular article submission section, and can still republish these articles elsewhere, or let them be previously published ones.

My top 10 Helium article earnings (passive income from Helium ad revenue share) to date:

Google Adsense Testimonials
Published on Helium 24 Oct 2010 - 2 months and 20 days ago

How to help your teen start a home-based business
Published on Helium 18 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 26 days ago

How to make extra money selling at flea markets
Published on Helium 22 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 22 days ago

Making a passive income from online writing
Published on Helium 23 October 2010 - 2 months and 21 days ago

Tips for hosting an outdoor children's birthday party
Published on Helium 15 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 29 days ago

Easy ways to add exercise to your day
Published on Helium 24 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 20 days ago

How to make money selling eBooks
Published on Helium 20 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 24 days ago

How to help a child with special projects
Published on Helium 15 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 29 days ago

Tips for helping your child with homework
Published on Helium 28 Sept 2010 - 3 months and 16 days ago

How Helium can improve: A writer's perspective
Published on Helium 7 Dec 2010 - 1 month and 6 days ago

Total $6.05

These Helium writing site articles are not yet finished earning me money, and may never be, as long as they are on Helium.  They keep earning me money!  Cool, huh?  I submit an article to Helium once, and it keeps earning me money!

I also earn more from these articles if I also have them published in other places online!

I have 76 articles on Helium, but these 10 articles above are my top 10 earners on Helium, so far.

Hop on over to the Helium writing site, and join!

Or, please email me and I'll send you an invite (tell me in the email that you would like me to send you a Helium invitation to your email address) - that way I get to earn a bit from having referred you.  Thanks! (Once you join you can also invite others to join by emailing them an invite from within your Helium account, and earn a bit when they earn a bit from their articles.)

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