Monday, January 10, 2011

Make Money Use Internet

Welcome to our new blog, Make Money Use Internet. Yeah, we have other free Blogger blogs too, as well as WordPress blogs that are not free - well, the WordPress themes are free, but we pay for hosting and domain registration. There are totally free WordPress blogs available, where one does not even have to pay for hosting or domain registration, but we prefer to have our own unique domain name for our WordPress blogs, and like to place ads on our WordPress blogs.

We have a few websites too, self-designed using html and CSS.

Who are we?

We are Terry and Tony of TnT Unleashed in South Africa, and we work from home, making money using the Internet. We're currently almost 51 (Tony) and 41 and a half (me, Terry.)

How do we make money using the Internet?

We're self taught freelance web designers. Web design is the main work we do, but we do also make money using the Internet in other ways too.

We started our little work from home freelance web design business in February 2008. From there, slowly growing our web design portfolio, we branched out into other work from home ideas too.

We also make money through freelance writing and writing online, on our own sites, as well as on online writing sites that we join. We also do photo editing, Internet research, on page search engine optimization, and pretty much anything that goes with these different job descriptions!

We do work locally, here in South Africa where we live, and also for International clients, mostly through the freelance job site, oDesk.

We have found that there are many people struggling to find work, or at least struggling to make some extra income that can improve their financial situations, not just here in South Africa.

Many of the articles that we write for our own sites and for online writing sites are about how others can also make money online, or at home, even offline.

It is so often that all one needs to make money at home is to have a computer and Internet connection (the only costs involved,) but the problem comes in when people don't want to spend time reading and learning how to make money on the Internet, or from home, offline. There is so much free information all over the Internet. Just about anyone can make money if they only try.

We got desperate enough looking for work and not finding any work to try to make money on the Internet. We had to read and learn a lot along the way, and we still have to read and learn a lot along the way. We're not yet making as much as we would like to, and at times it's quite a struggle just paying the bills, but our efforts are starting to pay off, and we're so glad we made the effort to try make money online, and that we stuck to it.

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