Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trade Advertising on your Site for Money, Services or Products

If you've worked hard at getting a ton of traffic to your site, and it keeps getting a lot of taffic, people will be happy to advertise on your site, with a text link, or banner that links to their site.

The problem is that so many people are looking for free ways to advertise a website so they may be reluctant to pay for advertising on your site, even if you're getting loads of traffic - perhaps your content is not that related to what it is they do or sell.

Offer free advertising in exchange for services or products that the advertiser has!

Obviously you must want or need the services or products that you'll be trading the free advertising space on your site for.

Two ways to find products or services that you want or need, that you can exchange for free advertising space on your site, are:

Know or decide on a product or service that you want, then browse through search engine results for the service or product. The people who have wesites coming up on page one of search engine results are not your target market, nor are those who have good PPC ad campaigns. The sites that are only appearing on page 5 or worse of search engine results may very well have a good product or service, but there's so much competiton out there, that they're not getting good natural search engine results, and they would possibly welcome more exposure for free, on a site that is getting lots of traffic, like yours.

Contact them, trying not to have the email you send appear like spam, and put forward your proposal in a professional manner.

The second way to trade advertising on your site for services or products you'd like is to advertise this on the very site that is getting lots of traffic and on which the ads will appear. Invite people to email you with details of what they are willing to offer you for free advertising space on your site, and then you can decide if the product or service they're offering is something you want, or will be easy to resell if it's something you don't want.

Depending on the value of the service or the product you can even offer different lengths of time for which their free ad will appear.

Give people links to places where they may be able to see how much traffic your site is getting, perhaps take screenshots of traffic results that only you can usually access and display them as images on your site. Use any methods you can to prove to people that your site is getting a lot of traffic, so they know that their advertisement will be seen plenty of times.

Proving that your site gets lots of traffic may encourage people to just pay money to advertise on your site anyway, instead of you having to find or decide on which services or products there are that you would like in exchange for giving away free advertising.

Start this idea with first getting lots of traffic to your site. This list of 42 free ways to do so may help.

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