Friday, January 28, 2011

Help others and Earn Money

If you're passionate about something, whether it's a hobby or sport, a craft, baking or cooking, gardening or psychology, home remedies or fixing cars, parenting or finances, or just like to help others, you can write about what you know and publish what you wrote online, on a writing site, or on a free blog of yours, or on a site of yours that you've paid hosting and domain registration for, and that has a unique URL (website address.)

How can writing about things I'm passionate about earn me money, and how does it help other people?

You'd be surprised how many people don't know things about certain topics, like you do - knowledge that you take for granted because you already know what's what; you've already done your learning, or have experienced a situation that you can tell others about.

Millions of people search the Internet everyday, to learn more about something. Provide content on your site or in an article on a writing site that these people can find and learn from. You're giving them free information.

You want to make it easy for people to find the information on your site, so you link to your site from other sites, you share the link to your site or article on a site on FaceBook, or you can use over 40 free ways to advertise your website.

If you have a Google Adsense publisher account, you can display ads on your site, and the ads usually link to sites that have similar content to what you've written on the same page as those ads. Although people are happy with the information you gave them on the page, they want to know even more, so they click an ad, and you earn money.

You're also helping the advertisers of those ads. People want to advertise their business to get more clients or sell more products, and their ads appear on your site. When the ads are clicked, those advertisers have to pay Google Adwords, and because you're an Adsense publisher you get a commission because their ads were displayed on your site. In other words you can help others and earn money.

So, get writing and helping others, and start earning some money for it.

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