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Make Money Online For Free list of 13 sites to help you Make Money Online

This list of 13 sites or articles to help you make money online for free were selected from a list in a folder in my favourites entitled Online Income Opportunties. I have found these sites or articles very useful or inspiring in helping me make money online, and I'm sure you will too, or that they will at least inspire you to try, and help you learn the ropes.

40 websites to sell designs and photos online
The list includes sites where you can sell your photos, logo designs, web template designs and tshirt designs. Each site is given a 4 to 8 line description and you can link through to each site described.

Free streams of income opportunities
Read this powerful homepage and be inspired to make money online. The author makes money online because she was determined to find free ways to do it, to learn, work, and succeed.

Rachel's writings and more
Rachel describes how she has gone the route many people do at first, when trying to make money online, and how she has learned from her mistakes. She speaks about sites you can join that she herself has tried and tested, and that cost nothing to join. Save yourself the time (and money) of making mistakes when trying to earn money online and read what Rachael has to say about certain sites you can make money online with.

Using Google Alerts to increase website traffic
Fascinating article about how to use Google Alerts to alert you when blogs have posted new content about a topic similar to what you are interested in or write about on your own site, so that you can hop on over to that blog quickly and leave an appropriate comment with a link back to your own site.

30 cool sites to earn from online
A lovely list of sites to earn from online. Easy to read through as each one is not often give more than a 3 or 4 line description.

28 Ways to make money with your website
An amazing and descriptive list of different ways to make money with your website. Sometimes a list will include ways to increase earnings from an already existing method of making money with your website, but this list is very helpful in that it describes 28 different ways to make money with your website (and you could then still learn how to further increase those earnings.)

Google Keyword tool Redefined
A brilliant, useful and inspiring article on the writing site HubPages, by HubPages writer Misha, about using the Google Adwords Keyword tool to help you decide which keywords to use in your articles - keywords that lots of people use when they search for information on the Internet, so that lots of people find your article or articles, and hopefully click on your ads. Misha does not have many articles on HubPages, yet makes a decent monthly passive income from his HubPages articles, due to the fact that he spends a lot of time on keyword research before writing his articles.

SEO Resources where to start and a list of 30 do follow websites
If you're serious about being serious about making money online, you will realise you need to learn as much as possible about marketing your articles or sites onlines. This article on HubPages links to sites where you can learn more about search engine optimization and also lists a super list of 30 websites that allows do follow links.

Wikipedia's description of what Search Engine Optimization is

Make Money Online
This Make Money Online article on A Self Sufficient Life is written by Mr Dirty Boots and is an open and honest story of how somebody who didn't have work started to make money writing online. The article is entertaining and easy to read, and is definitely useful as it gives plenty of helpful tips about what to do to make money writing online.

8th Month Earnings Report – Xomba and Google AdSense – Dreams Do Come True

101 Ways you can write and make money online

Online Tools and Resources
This is a wonderful little tool on NoJobForMom and it gives a list of sites and ways you can make money, in various categories, including writing, affiliates, and tools to use.

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