Monday, January 10, 2011

What is a Blogger blog or Blogspot blog?

A Blogger blog is a blog just like this one.  A Blogger blog's URL address ends in like the URL address of this blog is

Blogger blogs are free and you don't have to register or pay for a domain name or pay for hosting of the site. You don't need to know how to design a website to manage your Blogger blog.

You can also register a domain and get hosting (pay for domain registration and hosting), and still use a Blogger blog, except that then your website address will be nice and unique just like a regular self-hosted website, and your website address will not end in - I have not tried this with a Blogger blog, yet.  I have with a WordPress blog, though (register a domain name and pay for hosting, even though I use a free WordPress theme.)

My other totally free Blogger blogs are:

Teresa Schultz and East London Photographs and Wild Ramblings.

Tony also uses a totally free Blogger blog Tony Flanigan.

Each of the three Blogger blogs I link to above have a different "look." There are a few different themes you can choose from (how your site will look) and you can also choose a background image from the choices available.  You can have the background image showing through the text by choosing that the main section be transparent, or you can just have the edges of the background image showing.

There are quite a few options to play with in the template designer section of your Blogger dashboard, and it can be quite fun creating the look of your blog.

It's very easy to get a Blogger blog. Get a Google account and then get a Blogger blog. You can use your same Google account log in details for your gmail account and Blogger account.  I use Blogger, gmail, Adsense and I even tried Adwords a bit, recently.

Once you have a Google Adsense account, you can add your Adsense publisher ID to your blog, and display Adsense ads on your blog, in an effort to earn some extra income.

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