Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make Money Online for Free

How to make money online for free?  Well, you can make money online for free just like I am doing right now!  I mean right now.  This Blogger blog costs me nothing. Okay I have to have a computer and an Internet connection, but that's it!

Free blogs are fun and easy to use, and you can make money online with them, for free!

How can you make money online for free with free blogs?

You can work at getting lots of traffic (visitors) to your site by doing a bit of keyword research, writing articles or posts or news on your free blogs frequently, getting links back to your blog from other sites (easy; just leave some comments on other blogs) and put ads on your site.

If you're getting a lot of traffic to your sites, your ads are going to be seen a lot, and some of the visitors will click the ads to learn more about whatever is being advertised.  You earn money from having those ads on your site when they are clicked, or, in some instances, when the visitor to your site clicks the ad, and when gets to the website the ad links to, buys a product or hires the person for a service they are offering.

Making money from having a blog does not mean that you have to pay for that blog, or get a domain registered or pay for hosting.  There are free blogs that you can use, like the kind I'm using right now, here, this Make Money Use Internet Blogger blog.

You can also sell something on your free Blogger blog.  If you make something at home that is easy to pop in the post to buyers, you can take photos of your product, put the photos on your Blogger blog, tell people a bit about your products, and let them contact you via phone or via email, to place their order!

Maybe you take really beautiful photographs.  Display them on your Blogger blog, with a watermark or something to help people not pinch them, and when people order the digital photo that they may want to use on their own site, you can remove the watermark from the one in your computer folder, and just email it to them.

You can offer a service that you provide, like freelance writing, Internet research, logo or web design.

You really can make money online for free, using free blogs.  Stop spending too much time thinking about it. Just start doing it!

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