Thursday, March 31, 2011

Write for Money on a Writing Site or on Your Own Site?

When trying to make money with Google Adsense, by being an Adsense publisher, is it best to add pages of your writing to online writing sites or to add those pages of your writing to your own sites? Which is better, why, and which will make you more money?

I do both - I publish articles, I've written, on writing sites as well as on my own sites.

I prefer to publish articles on my own sites, but publishing articles on writing sites has it's advantages too.

Why do I prefer to publish articles on my own sites when trying to make money with Google Adsense?

(of writing on my own site, and, thereby, highlighting the advantages of writing on an online writing site.)

- If I'm not using a totally free site like Blogger (like this site) where I don't even have to pay for hosting and domain registration, then using one of my own sites to publish my articles costs me a bit - yearly hosting and domain registration. (Most writing sites are free to join.)

- If my site is a website and not a blog that allows comments, it can take more time getting people interested in coming back to the site often.

- If the only writing on a site is mine, and I don't write about too many different topics, there will be fewer people automatically being on my site and seeing my articles - or links to them in the sidebar or elsewhere - than on an online writing site.

- It can get lonely - I have to often comment on blogs posts on other more active sites to feel more a part of a community and to communicate with other bloggers, if I don't yet have too many comments on my own blog (that I could then just reply to on my own site.)

- Advertising my site (using free methods or methods that are not free) takes quite a bit more time than it takes simply being active on an online writing site (being active on an online writing site involves being interested in other people's posts, leaving comments, making new friends, etc.) Being active on an online writing site often easily generates interest in your articles you have published on that site.

(of writing on my own site, and, thereby, highlighting the disadvantages of writing on an online writing site.)

- I don't have to share my Adsense earnings with the owner/s of the writing site. The site is my own, so I get all the Adsense earnings.

- I don't have to worry about getting banned from a writing site for making a mistake.

- I don't have to worry about getting banned from a writing site for lack of activity.

- I don't have to worry that my articles need to be a minimum amount - or maximum amount - of words.

- I don't have to worry too much about the quality of my writing having to pass certain standards before it is allowed to be published.

- I can write on virtually any topic I please to write on (within Adsense terms and conditions, but generally any topic, instead of some writing sites possibly limiting what or how I write.)

- I don't have to worry about understanding all the rules of a writing site, because the site is my own and I make my own rules, or, there are no rules.

- I can use affiliate and referral links in articles on my own site, as much as I please to.

- I can link to my other articles or even other sites as much as I please to, in articles on my own sites.

- I can advertise a product I sell or a service I offer, as much as I please to.

- I don't need to worry about if I can include images or not in my article, or how big or small these images should be.

- I feel more important, unique and/or professional writing for my very own site - it improves my self-confidence.

Bottom line:

It's for you to decide:

if you'd prefer to publish your articles on only online writing sites;
if you'd prefer to publish your articles on only your own site/s;
if you'd prefer to publish your articles on both online writing sites and your own site/s;
if publishing articles on both online writing sites and your own site/s, which should get more of your articles;
if publishing articles on your own site/s, if you should use a totally free site like Blogger, or a site where you pay for domain registration and hosting, or if you should use both kinds of sites.

I currently have more articles on my own sites (than I have articles on online writing sites) but started my sites before I joined too many writing sites.

I add more new articles to my own sites than I add new articles to online writing sites.

My Adsense earnings from my own sites are currently much higher than my Adsense earnings from online writing sites that I belong to.

What works for me may not also work for you - you may make more money with Google Adsense than I do, you may make less - it may take you longer, it may take you not so long - it's usually the kind of topics that you write on, the style in which you write, the frequency of publishing new articles, the placing, sizes and colours of your Adsense ads, and the amount of SEO and/or marketing of your site/s or articles on online writing sites that you do, that can help your income from Adsense grow. (The more you put in the more you get out.)

SOUTH AFRICANS: Have a look at our WordPress site package that costs just R420 per year, and includes domain registration, hosting, upload of site and chosen free WordPress theme, and more. The hosting package of our small package (we do have a larger package too) is big enough for 30 to 60 or more pages of writing, especially if you do not add too many images. Write and add content to your own site, often, add Adsense ads to your site, and then also regularly use at least 40 different free ways to get visitors to your site.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Constant Content Earnings

I have just 7 articles on Constant Content so far, but plan to submit more articles to Constant Content soon.

All 7 of my articles on Constant Content I offer with usage rights only. This means that I can also publish them on other sites, and that I can sell them again and again on Constant Content. Somebody might come along and visit Constant Content and buy one of my articles, then later another person might come along and can also buy the same article.

I decide my own selling price for my articles on Constant Content. When one is sold, Constant Content keeps 35% of the amount, and pays the remaining 65% to my PayPal account.

Constant Content writers can also sell their articles with full rights. This means that the article cannot be previously published anywhere else, and must not be published anywhere else later either, and that the buyer can do with the article whatever he or she pleases to, even attach his or her own name as the author, if he/she likes. This may sound awful to some writers, but selling an article with full rights also generally means you can sell it for considerably more than you would an article where you are offering usage rights only.

I am considering trying to write and sell some articles on Constant Content with full rights only, but for now, my 7 articles there are offered with usage rights only.

I cannot suddenly start offering them with fullrights only, as some of them are also published elsewhere.

Should I write a new article and submit it to Constant Content with full rights, and it doesn't sell after a while, I can consider changing it to usage rights only, and drop the price (even though I drop the price at least it may sell 2 or 3 or 4 or more times.)

My Constant Content Earnings:

I joined Constant Content in the middle of August 2010.

5 of my 7 articles on Constant Content have not yet been bought.

The remaining 2 have each been bought 3 times, so that's 6 article sales made.

When quite a while went by with no sales made, I dropped the prices a little.

The two articles I have sold 3 times each so far are entitled "Improve SEO by Doing Competitor Website Analysis" and "Meta Tag Relevancy is Still Important for SEO."

I sold the first one mentioned for $14, $14 and $12.

The second one mentioned I sold for $17, $17 and $15.

That's a total of $89. Less the 35% Constant Content keeps is $57.85 (currently about R399.). This is in just under 7 months. But remember this is from just having addded a total of a mere 7 articles to Constant Content, offering usage rights only, and simply just leaving them there for visitors to the site to see, and perhaps purchase. These articles can still earn me more on Constant Content, if more people come and buy them in the future.

I like to predict an earnings outcome if I had more articles on a site, even though it could never really be too accurate a prediction, it's just fun to hope or wish that my prediction could or might be correct:

For example:

2 of my 7 articles on Constant Content have been sold 3 times each or 6 times in total, in under 7 months, earning me a total of $57.85 (currently about R399)

If I had 70 articles on Constant Content, and was offering them at similar prices to what I'm selling my 7 already on Constant Content, and also offered them with usage prices only, and 20 of them sold 3 times each (60 sales in total) in under 7 months, then what?

6 sales (as currently/recently happened) = $57.86 (about R399)
vs or compared to
60 sales = $578.60 (about R3 990 in 7 months)

700 articles on Constant Content and similar happened?
600 sales = $5 786 (about R39 900 in 7 months)

That would mean roughly $826 per month (currently roughly R5 698 per month)and every month after that.

Hm, how long would it take me to write and get 700 articles accepted for publication on Constant Content? Perhaps 4 a day if I wasn't doing other work at the same time, so that would take me about 175 days, or nearly 6 months. But if I was going to earn R5 698 per month thereafter, it would be worth it. What do I risk if it doesn't work out like I would like it to? Nothing really, because if I'm offering the articles with usage rights only, I can also publish them elsewhere online.

What's also nice to know about the fact that I'm offering my current 7 articles on Constant Content with usage rights only, on Constant Content, is that I do also have these same articles on some other sites, like Factoidz, Helium, and my own sites, where they are also earning me some income.

If you want to do something similar, I suggest start with Factoidz, as Factoidz does NOT accept previously published articles, but you are welcome to republish your Factoidz articles elsewhere 30 days later. You do not sell articles on Factoidz, but can earn some extra income from publishing your articles on Factoidz by earning small amounts from pageviews of your articles there, due to Factoidz sharing their ad revenue with you.) Also check their conditions and terms of use (that relates to any site, actually) as sites sometimes change their conditions and terms of use without notification. It is your duty to check a site's conditions and terms of use from time to time, to stay up to date with any changes made, and to avoid getting banned from being a member at the site.

You may also find this article helpful:
I Sold an Article on Constant Content the Day After Joining

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Online Earnings Report for February 2011

South Africans really can earn money online. I'm a South African, living right here in sunny South Africa, and I earn money online.

I started writing an online earnings report each month from August 2010, so that I can easily refer back to my other reports and see how my online earnings are growing. The reports are also to show South Africans, or anyone wishing to earn money online, that it is possible. The online earnings reports are also to show people that with a bit of time and effort invested, online earnings can grow.

Each one of my earlier reports usually has some other helpful information or advice too, and links to follow for further advice and info. Just about anyone who has a computer and Internet connection can make money online. And sometimes there's no other cost involved. It certainly helps to have your own website or blog or two, but it's not totally required.

My online earnings for August 2010 (6 months ago) were R580.21

You can link to some of my other earlier monthly online earnings reports from my January 2011 online earnings report. January earnings were my previous best. Yeah, that's right, February earnings were higher, even though February 2011 had 28 days in it compared to January's 31 days :)

Okay, let's get to the earnings report for February 2010:

Of my total passive income earnings for February 2011, R980.31 came from Adsense. (Currently about $140.15 according to a currency converter that I used today)

Most of the R980.31 came from Adsense on my own sites, and in particular from sites I have where I pay for hosting and domain registration, and are not totally free sites like this Blogger blog (just over R40 came from this totally free Blogger site and that's not too bad since it is still quite new and does not yet have that much content on it - I have been linking to it quite a bit from my other sites, though, so I'm sure that helps too.)

But my February 2011 Adsense earnings that did not come from my own sites, came from the following sites that are free to join:

HubPages R17.40
Bukisa R2.10
Best-Reviewer R0.28
Triond R0.02
Xomba R0.01

(Total from these sites that are not my own is R19.81)

Total from my 5 Blogger blogs (4 are mine and one is Tony's) (I already mentioned the just over R40 from this free Blogger blog that you're on now (Make Money Use Internet) which is included in this total amount) is R54.77 (This fairly new Make Money Use Internet Blogger blog is obviously doing the best so far.)

So, yeah, my other 5 sites where I pay for hosting and domain registration are definitely so far doing a lot better (and currently easily cover the yearly hosting and domain registration fees, with a good profit thereafter), as their Adsense earnings make up the remaining R905.73 of the total R980.31 Adsense earnings for February 2011. A currency converter, used today, tells me that R905.73 is currently about $129.37

Read about how just one of those 5 sites makes me 18 times a year more than I pay for it.

Right, Adsense earnings report done, so let's move onto my other passive income online earnings to get a bit closer to my grand total for February 2011.

From these sites, all free to join:

Factoidz R13.89
Helium R22.22
Triond R0.83
Redgage R6.95
Constant Content R67.81

Online Earnings Report for February 2011 GRAND TOTAL:
(using a currency converter, today, tells me that's about $154)

South Africans, you can also earn money from Adsense in South Africa, and make money online. Just get started!

One of the nicest things about making passive income online is that, for example, I don't have to do any more work regards this passive income, and I will still earn about R1 000 per month from it.

Spending more time on it, whenever I get the chance to, is of course my plan, as then I can further increase that monthly R1 000.

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