Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Update on How Much Money this Free Blog has Made me

I see I have not added a new post to this Make Money Use Internet blog in about 6 months. Bad of me! Why bad? This site does not cost me any domain registration or hosting renewals; it's a free site, and it makes me some money, so I should have been trying to add some new articles to it more regularly. Writing and adding more articles to this site helps increase traffic (visitors) to this site, and thus helps increase my earnings from this site.

I thought I would do an update on how much money this free blog has made me. I last wrote about how much money this free blog has made me about 6 months ago - even then, I had not added a new article in the previous 6 months, but what was so great was that this site still made me some money during those months that I didn't bother to add any new articles. I'm curious to check if earnings continued in the next 6 months after that, from then until now, at roughly the same rate, or if my earnings decreased.

Have a look at that last article I wrote about how much money this free blog has made me to see a list of a breakdown for each month (how many articles I wrote and added to this site each month, and how much money this site earned me each month, from when I first started with this site in January 2011 - you will note that even in months that I added no new articles to this site, I still earned money from this site.)

This site is now 19 months old, and this is the 26th article I'm adding to it (an average of less than 2 articles a month). How I wish I'd added about 20 new articles to this site each month instead, as that would have made this article roughly the 380th article I'm adding to this site, instead of only the 26th. I suspect my earnings from this site may have been as much as ten times more than they are now, had I added 20 articles a month instead of only 2. Maybe, maybe not (that much more) but still a much greater chance of increased earnings had I added many more articles each month over the past 19 months than I have been adding.

Here's an extended list of what's been happening with my earnings from this site since 6 months ago:
(see the previous list for earnings before this list)

December 2011 (the month before I wrote the previous article on how much money this site has made me):
No new articles added --- earnings R84.69

January 2012
1 new article added (the article that told how much this site had earned me up until that date)
earnings for January 2012 --- R44.52

February 2012
no new articles added --- R106.71 ( currently about $12.45 )

March 2012
no new articles added --- R76.02

April 2012
no new articles added --- R80.55

May 2012
no new articles added --- R29.23

June 2012
no new articles added --- R4.87

So far this month, July 2012 (today is 24 July 2012)
no new articles added - other than this one I'm busy adding right now

Although June 2012 took a severe knock, things seem to be bouncing back up again for this month - this is promising when I haven't added any new articles in the past 6 months. And if I think about it, besides this article that I'm busy with right now, I added only 1 article in the past 12 months - and have still continued to earn money each month just from the other articles I had already added before that! Jeepers, I should have been writing and adding many more articles whenever I got the chance to.

Comparison between earnings for the 6 months (when I added only 1 article in the first of those 6 months) before the last article,
the earnings for the most recent last 6 months (when I added nothing new other than that last article 6 months ago, until adding this article)

month 7 to month 12 --- R578.96
( using a currency converter on 24 July 2012, that's about $67 )
month 13 to month 18 (month 18 being last month, June 2012) ---R341.90
( using a currency converter on 24 July 2012, that's about $40 )

What does this tell me?
The decrease in earnings for the second lot of 6 months tells me that even if I do continue earning without adding any new articles to this site, my earnings may drop off a little. And the best thing to do is to keep adding new articles whenver I get the chance to. It would seem, however, that simply to maintain whatever earnings I was making on average per month 6 months ago, I may have had to add only 1 new article every month, or only even every 2 months.

Once I've got my earnings on this site up to a monthly income I'm happy with, I'm pleased to know, now, that adding only one article every month or every two months after that, seems likely to be enough to maintain monthly earnings from this site.

Let's say for example that this site can eventually earn me about R3 000 per month (currently about $350), after I add considerably more articles to it, and if I was happy to then stop adding new articles to try and increase my income further - then to maintain that income each month into the future, all I would have to do is add one new article every 4 to 9 weeks! Cool! That would be R3 000 per month for about only 2 hours work a month!

Of course it may not pan out like that, but it may, so I'm being optimistic and looking forward to that time - I'm not going to get there or even find out if that approach would really work, though, if I don't start adding quite a few new articles to this site - the more I add, and the sooner that I do, the sooner I can get closer to trying to reach my goals!

Of course I could also NOT write anything new for this site (although I think to keep readers happy and make this site not seem outdated or old, I would still add one new article every 4 to 9 weeks) I could also work at increasing traffic to this site in other ways, besides writing tons of new articles for the site - I could for example link to this site more, or to articles on this site, from other sites.

Anyway, bottom line:
You can make money with a free site - maybe less than me, maybe more than me, but you can do it!

to make money from your site in the same way that I am making money from this site, you would need an Adsense account - the previous article in which I detailed my earnings made from this site up to that stage explains a little more about how Adsense works (it's a free program, so there are no costs involved in joining Adsense, but read the article to get a better idea of how it helps me make money on this site.)

Also, it's not always easy to get an Adsense account the first time you apply, if you don't know much about how Adsense works - an article on another site of mine explains An Easy Way to Get an Adsense Account!

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