Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Long Before I can Make $350 per month from this Site?

$350 per month is about R3 000 per month (for my South African readers) and I think I may have been able to make that much each month from this site already had I added more than just 26 articles to this site in the past 19 months.

I'm actually going to work with the figure of 24 articles to do some maths now, because my earnings from this site stayed roughly the same, on average each month, after adding 24 articles to the site, even when I added only 2 new articles in the next 12 months after those first 24 articles! This is my 27th article, I added the 26th article a little while earlier today, and the 25 article 6 months ago. I added the 24th article 6 months before that!

This site keeps earning me money even when I go a good few months without writing and adding any new articles to it!

But my earnings from this site are not all that much ( R1 252 in 19 months is an average of about only R65 per month over the past 19 months ) (about $7.60 per month) - but then I can't expect too much when these earnings have come from only 24 to 25 articles that I added in 19 months (added no.26 and this one no.27 today only.) But at least this site is a totally free site; no domain registration and hosting costs, or domain registration and hosting renewals.

Imagine if I'd added 20 articles a month instead of less than 2 a month on average - maybe, just maybe, my earnings would have been R650 per month (about $76), on average, instead!

Now, if you look at my previous article where I listed each month's earnings over the past 6 months (yes, still earned even though I didn't add any new articles in the past 6 months - actually added only 1 new article in the past 12 months, and still earned!) you will see that I worked out that it may be possible, that once I have gotten my average monthly earnings up to an income I am happy with (by adding new articles to increase traffic to this site) then it seems that I may have to add only one new article every 4 to 9 weeks to maintain that average monthly income.)

So, to see if it works out, and to help my readers consider doing the same, ot something similar, I hope I can find the time to conduct an experiment.

My experiment would be to see if I can more rapidly increase my monthly earnings from this site, by making a greater effort at adding new articles to it, more frequently. Of course adding new articles to a site generally helps increase traffic to that site (and thus helps increase earnings from that site too, for the person who writes articles for that site) but I wonder how long it would take me to reach earnings of say $350 per month. (Then I could report back on how long it took, and on how many articles I wrote to get that point.)

Of course earnings can be increased in other ways too, like by getting more traffic to a site by leaving links to a site (or to different pages of that site) on other sites, but, although I do have some links on other sites coming to this site from other sites, and may still get a few more links from other sites, I'd like to see how simply writing and adding many more articles to this site can help.

I could report on progress along the way (and each time I write a report, that's a new article for this site at the same time!)

I wish I had already been writing and adding many new articles to this site, in the past 19 months, but onward now with a new plan.

Let me try and do some maths to guess how long it might take me to get my earnings on this site up to about R3 000 (currently about $350) per month (after which I think I may have to write and add only one new article every 4 to 9 weeks to maintain those earnings.)

If adding less than 2 new articles each month over the past 19 months earned me an average of R65 per month over the past 19 months, then perhaps had I added 20 articles per month instead, my earnings would now have been averaging out at about R650 per month, instead of just R65 per month.

But I want to earn R3 000 per month from this site. Eish, was never great at maths:

It's basically 24 articles that earned me my R65 per month.

If earnings remain roughly constant when related to how many new articles I write and add, then 240 articles would have maybe earned me R650 per month average.

and, 2 400 articles would have earned me maybe R6 500 per month

so, 1 200 articles would have earned me maybe R3 250 per month - let's work with that figure:

How long will it take me to add 1 200 (less 27 articles with this one) = 1 173 articles to this site?

If I could add 20 new articles a month, it will take me 5 years to add 1 200 new articles to this site
If I could add 30 new articles a month, it will take me 3 years and 4 months.
If I could add 45 new articles a month (one and a half a day) it will take me nearly 2 years 7 months
If I could add 60 new articles a month (2 per day) it will take me 1 year 8 months
If I could add 90 new articles a month (3 per day) it will take me about 1 year and 3 months
If I could add 120 new articles a month (4 per day) it will take me about 10 months

Argggh, hard work, and where will I find the time to do other things like work? (I'm a freelancer, and when I don't work at that, I don't earn money from that.) I also have a few other sites that I should add a new article to from time to time, to increase or maintain the passive income earnings I make from those sites.

But still, I would like to attempt to add as many new articles to this site as I can. I think I've said that before (and didn't do anything about it) but in my last article on this site it became clearer to me that once I am earning an income from this site that I am happy with, each month, I may only have to add one new article every 4 to 9 weeks to keep receiving those monthly earnings. That's a great reward to work towards.

Also, depending on how rapidly traffic increases to this site as I pay more attention to adding new articles to it, and also depending on if I spend a little time on getting more links to this site from other sites, and also if I spend a little time on carefully choosing phrases and words to put in my articles (SEO tactics) then my traffic (and earnings) may increase to a level I am happy with before the estimated time periods in my calculations further above.

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