Friday, January 20, 2012

How Much Money a Totally Free Blogsite has made me

This totally free blogsite Make Money Use Internet does not cost me a cent, yet it makes me money every month. But doesn't having Internet and a computer cost money? Yes, but I have Internet and a computer anyway. I use the Internet to do some research for the work I do from home, for watching YouTube videos, for visiting FaceBook, and so on.

So how does this free blogsite make me money and how much money does it make me?

Even though it's been 6 months since I last added a new blog post (a blog post is an article just like this one is) I still earn money from this site each month.

I got this site and started adding articles to it in January 2011. Let's have a look at how many articles I added to it each month, and the amounts I earned at the end of each month:

January 2011 --- 15 articles --- R25.13
(20 January 2012 currently $3.15)

February 2011 --- 2 articles --- R41.42 ($5.19)
March 2011 --- 3 articles --- R52.06
April 2011 --- 1 article --- R36.72
May 2011 --- 2 articles --- R55.01 ($6.91)
June 2011 --- 0 --- R77.81
July 2011 --- 1 article --- R34.09
August 2011 --- 0 --- R97.69 ($11.88)
September 2011 --- 0 --- R64.57
October 2011 --- 0 --- R110.81 ($13.91)
November 2011 --- 0 --- R187.11 ($23.48)
December 2011 --- 0 --- R84.69

Today is the 20th of January 2011 and my earnings have been R34.02 ($4.27) so far this month

Total earnings since I started this site nearly 13 months ago:
R901.13 ($113.13)

Hm, now imagine if I'd bothered to add more than just 24 articles over the last 13 months. Of course earnings may fluctuate, but I still very much think my earnings would have been considerably greater had I bothered to add more articles. I still can add more articles, though (here's one right now)

These earnings may not seem like much to you, but what I find so great is how little work I had to do to earn it. It's passive income - look at the earnings for November 2011 --- R187.11. What did I do with this site that month to earn that amount? Nothing! - the work had already been done when I wrote and added articles at an earlier time.

R901.13 could also be called the amount I was paid to write 24 articles and add them to this blog - that's about R37.54 ($4.71) an article - not too bad - and, if I didn't add another article to this site in 2012, and my earnings averaged out roughly the same each month as they did in 2011, then at the end of 2012 I would have earned a total of about R1 802.26 ($226.28) (or about R75.08 ($9.42) per article for those 24 articles)

But because I think simply writing and adding more articles often can increase my monthly earnings, I'm going to try and find the time to do that more often rather than wait another year to earn another R900.

Maybe, just maybe, had I added 72 articles in 2011 instead of just 24, my earnings may have tripled. And if I think about it, 72 articles in a year is only 6 articles a month - not too much work. What if I'd added 20 articles a month?

How did I earn this money?

I got a Google Adsense account. I'm an Adsense publisher. I have Google Adwords displaying on some of my sites and when these ads are clicked when a visitor to my sites wants to know more about what that ad is saying, I earn a small commission.

Making money with Google adsense is not as easy as it may seem, and there are rules to follow too, but I find that it's worth putting in the effort to know and follow the rules, and to write and add some articles, as well as pay a little attention to SEO and linking to my articles from other sites, to enable me to make some passive income from the articles I write and publish on my sites.

Here are some articles that may help you also try to make money from a free blog and with Google Adsense:

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You may not earn the same as I have with the example I have given. Adding 24 articles to your own blog may earn you a little more, or a little less.

I used a currency converter on the 20th of January 2012 to check what the US dollar amounts were for the South African rand amounts mentioned in this article. These converted amounts (for the US dollar amount) may not still be exactly the same at the time that you read this article.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2012


  1. Thanks so much for all the useful info. I hope your business continues to grow and grow! I know it will. Gill

  2. @ Gill - You're welcome, and thanks :)

    1. Greetings, very interesting blog you got going here. Congrats on the money making! I hope you continue to make more =) I have my own blog, if you're interested perhaps you could drop by sometime. It is similar to yours as I talk about making money online and other things too.

      Congrats and keep going. =)

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