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Online Earnings Report for February 2011

South Africans really can earn money online. I'm a South African, living right here in sunny South Africa, and I earn money online.

I started writing an online earnings report each month from August 2010, so that I can easily refer back to my other reports and see how my online earnings are growing. The reports are also to show South Africans, or anyone wishing to earn money online, that it is possible. The online earnings reports are also to show people that with a bit of time and effort invested, online earnings can grow.

Each one of my earlier reports usually has some other helpful information or advice too, and links to follow for further advice and info. Just about anyone who has a computer and Internet connection can make money online. And sometimes there's no other cost involved. It certainly helps to have your own website or blog or two, but it's not totally required.

My online earnings for August 2010 (6 months ago) were R580.21

You can link to some of my other earlier monthly online earnings reports from my January 2011 online earnings report. January earnings were my previous best. Yeah, that's right, February earnings were higher, even though February 2011 had 28 days in it compared to January's 31 days :)

Okay, let's get to the earnings report for February 2010:

Of my total passive income earnings for February 2011, R980.31 came from Adsense. (Currently about $140.15 according to a currency converter that I used today)

Most of the R980.31 came from Adsense on my own sites, and in particular from sites I have where I pay for hosting and domain registration, and are not totally free sites like this Blogger blog (just over R40 came from this totally free Blogger site and that's not too bad since it is still quite new and does not yet have that much content on it - I have been linking to it quite a bit from my other sites, though, so I'm sure that helps too.)

But my February 2011 Adsense earnings that did not come from my own sites, came from the following sites that are free to join:

HubPages R17.40
Bukisa R2.10
Best-Reviewer R0.28
Triond R0.02
Xomba R0.01

(Total from these sites that are not my own is R19.81)

Total from my 5 Blogger blogs (4 are mine and one is Tony's) (I already mentioned the just over R40 from this free Blogger blog that you're on now (Make Money Use Internet) which is included in this total amount) is R54.77 (This fairly new Make Money Use Internet Blogger blog is obviously doing the best so far.)

So, yeah, my other 5 sites where I pay for hosting and domain registration are definitely so far doing a lot better (and currently easily cover the yearly hosting and domain registration fees, with a good profit thereafter), as their Adsense earnings make up the remaining R905.73 of the total R980.31 Adsense earnings for February 2011. A currency converter, used today, tells me that R905.73 is currently about $129.37

Read about how just one of those 5 sites makes me 18 times a year more than I pay for it.

Right, Adsense earnings report done, so let's move onto my other passive income online earnings to get a bit closer to my grand total for February 2011.

From these sites, all free to join:

Factoidz R13.89
Helium R22.22
Triond R0.83
Redgage R6.95
Constant Content R67.81

Online Earnings Report for February 2011 GRAND TOTAL:
(using a currency converter, today, tells me that's about $154)

South Africans, you can also earn money from Adsense in South Africa, and make money online. Just get started!

One of the nicest things about making passive income online is that, for example, I don't have to do any more work regards this passive income, and I will still earn about R1 000 per month from it.

Spending more time on it, whenever I get the chance to, is of course my plan, as then I can further increase that monthly R1 000.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2011

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