Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Constant Content Earnings

I have just 7 articles on Constant Content so far, but plan to submit more articles to Constant Content soon.

All 7 of my articles on Constant Content I offer with usage rights only. This means that I can also publish them on other sites, and that I can sell them again and again on Constant Content. Somebody might come along and visit Constant Content and buy one of my articles, then later another person might come along and can also buy the same article.

I decide my own selling price for my articles on Constant Content. When one is sold, Constant Content keeps 35% of the amount, and pays the remaining 65% to my PayPal account.

Constant Content writers can also sell their articles with full rights. This means that the article cannot be previously published anywhere else, and must not be published anywhere else later either, and that the buyer can do with the article whatever he or she pleases to, even attach his or her own name as the author, if he/she likes. This may sound awful to some writers, but selling an article with full rights also generally means you can sell it for considerably more than you would an article where you are offering usage rights only.

I am considering trying to write and sell some articles on Constant Content with full rights only, but for now, my 7 articles there are offered with usage rights only.

I cannot suddenly start offering them with fullrights only, as some of them are also published elsewhere.

Should I write a new article and submit it to Constant Content with full rights, and it doesn't sell after a while, I can consider changing it to usage rights only, and drop the price (even though I drop the price at least it may sell 2 or 3 or 4 or more times.)

My Constant Content Earnings:

I joined Constant Content in the middle of August 2010.

5 of my 7 articles on Constant Content have not yet been bought.

The remaining 2 have each been bought 3 times, so that's 6 article sales made.

When quite a while went by with no sales made, I dropped the prices a little.

The two articles I have sold 3 times each so far are entitled "Improve SEO by Doing Competitor Website Analysis" and "Meta Tag Relevancy is Still Important for SEO."

I sold the first one mentioned for $14, $14 and $12.

The second one mentioned I sold for $17, $17 and $15.

That's a total of $89. Less the 35% Constant Content keeps is $57.85 (currently about R399.). This is in just under 7 months. But remember this is from just having addded a total of a mere 7 articles to Constant Content, offering usage rights only, and simply just leaving them there for visitors to the site to see, and perhaps purchase. These articles can still earn me more on Constant Content, if more people come and buy them in the future.

I like to predict an earnings outcome if I had more articles on a site, even though it could never really be too accurate a prediction, it's just fun to hope or wish that my prediction could or might be correct:

For example:

2 of my 7 articles on Constant Content have been sold 3 times each or 6 times in total, in under 7 months, earning me a total of $57.85 (currently about R399)

If I had 70 articles on Constant Content, and was offering them at similar prices to what I'm selling my 7 already on Constant Content, and also offered them with usage prices only, and 20 of them sold 3 times each (60 sales in total) in under 7 months, then what?

6 sales (as currently/recently happened) = $57.86 (about R399)
vs or compared to
60 sales = $578.60 (about R3 990 in 7 months)

700 articles on Constant Content and similar happened?
600 sales = $5 786 (about R39 900 in 7 months)

That would mean roughly $826 per month (currently roughly R5 698 per month)and every month after that.

Hm, how long would it take me to write and get 700 articles accepted for publication on Constant Content? Perhaps 4 a day if I wasn't doing other work at the same time, so that would take me about 175 days, or nearly 6 months. But if I was going to earn R5 698 per month thereafter, it would be worth it. What do I risk if it doesn't work out like I would like it to? Nothing really, because if I'm offering the articles with usage rights only, I can also publish them elsewhere online.

What's also nice to know about the fact that I'm offering my current 7 articles on Constant Content with usage rights only, on Constant Content, is that I do also have these same articles on some other sites, like Factoidz, Helium, and my own sites, where they are also earning me some income.

If you want to do something similar, I suggest start with Factoidz, as Factoidz does NOT accept previously published articles, but you are welcome to republish your Factoidz articles elsewhere 30 days later. You do not sell articles on Factoidz, but can earn some extra income from publishing your articles on Factoidz by earning small amounts from pageviews of your articles there, due to Factoidz sharing their ad revenue with you.) Also check their conditions and terms of use (that relates to any site, actually) as sites sometimes change their conditions and terms of use without notification. It is your duty to check a site's conditions and terms of use from time to time, to stay up to date with any changes made, and to avoid getting banned from being a member at the site.

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  1. I discovered your blog today while searching the Net for information and reviews on Constant Content. I really enjoyed this post, and wanted to say thanks for all the useful information! Using the 'usage only' option never even occurred to me, never mind using the content on my own sites. I'm South African as well by the way, it was a lovely surprise to find a WAH blog by another South African!

  2. Hi Freelancing Mom :) Yes, it's great to meet another WAHM who is also South african - thank you for the visit and comment - I'm off to see your site now.


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