Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Highest Earning Single Adsense Click Yet!

I've had the odd R16 or R17 Adsense click on some of my sites, and that impressed me, but today I had my highest earning single Adsense click yet.

R63 (currently about $9.43)

Couldn't believe it! That's a huge jump from my previous high Adsense clicks - or what I thought was high!

Gosh, now imagine if I had just ten of these kinds of clicks everyday - that would be about R18 000 per month!

- But my highest Adsense earnings month yet was last month - R1 238 (currently about $185) - an amount I'm still very proud of since it's grown so nicely over the months since I started using Adsense, but, still, imagine R18 000 per month instead (currently about $2 697) - hm! (nice!)

Now, what would help is if I knew what ad was clicked that gave me this amazing R63. It wasn't on a particular page that I monitor in my Adsense account, so I don't even have a clue - it was on HubPages, and I have just added the main HubPages link to my Adsense account to check, and haven't added individual pages like I do with some of my sites.

It does give me more hope regards HubPages, and that I'm pleased about, because prior to this fantastic Adsense click I got today, HubPages has not earned me all that much from Adsense since I joined HubPages 9 months ago and published 37 hubs (articles.) In the past 9 months, prior to this one R63 Adsense click, I had only earned R232 (an average of R25.77 per MONTH) on HubPages.

I have been earning much more from using Adsense on my own sites, but this one click will make me sit up a bit and take more notice of HubPages, and other online writing sites too. Why? I pay for hosting and domain registration for many of my own sites, but to make money from online writing sites, all I need is a computer and Internet connection.

When I say I will take more notice of online writing sites, what do I mean? - I mean that it may be worth my while spending a bit more time on marketing my articles on online writing sites, than I have been.

Also, why do I say it would help if I knew which ad had been clicked (who the advertiser was/where the ad linked to) on HubPages, or, at least, the page on which the ad appeared? - well, if I knew this, I could write more articles targetting that site or keywords used in the ad. (Certain Adwords ads are triggered to appear when certain keywords are used.)

For beginners out there - how did I learn these things about Adsense, keywords, using websites or blogs, and about making money writing on online writing sites? I read a lot of free information all over the Internet. I'm self-taught and it did not happen overnight.

If you'd like to make money, use Internet, but you do have to be prepared to read a lot, and learn a lot, and put in the effort.

© copyright Teresa Schultz 2011


  1. Wow that's great! I have been getting lots of traffic recently but not a great deal of money, so I've been playing around with advert placement.

  2. Hi Paul - thanks for the comment - and it's good to hear that you're getting lots of traffic - so if you're already getting lots of traffic (which is usually the key to getting more eyes seeing your ads and, ultimately, having more people click your ads) that's excellent, but if you're not getting many clicks, then, yes, experimenting with ad placement, colours of your ads, and sizes of your ads is a good idea.


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